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Have you seen all the various balance boards on the market and been curious about acquiring your own? Some of these balance boards cost upwards of $100, does that seem worth it for a piece of wood and a roller? Do you just want to build your own because it looks like an easy enough fun project? If you have the DIY spirit, it can be done for about $20, maybe less if you have the required scraps laying around. Check out my instructions below with pictures. 

The only materials necessary for this project are,

  • A piece of 5ply or 3ply wood(use your better judgement here based on your weight, if you aren’t sure just go with the 5 ply). This piece of would needs to be large enough for you to cut out a 30x18 inch shape.
  • A 4″ piece of PVC at least 20″ in width
  • The only tools you need would be a saw of some type(hand saw, jig saw, circular saw..), a few screws, screwdriver or drill


Step 1


Cut desired shape(it doesnt have to be perfect. The original indo board balance board is 30x18 inches so this is what I used as the guideline for the size of my board. Once cut I rounded the corners a bit so they werent sharp.

Step 2


Cut the 4″ PVC piece to the desired width, I would suggest cutting it a few inches wider than your board somewhere around 22-24″ is probably best, you can always cut more off later to your desired tube length. 

To increase or decrease the difficulty of this board you could use a smaller or larger diameter piece of PVC or any other cylindrical item. A 2″ piece of PVC will be much easier and safer to balance on than the 4″. As a frame of reference the original indo board included a 6.5″ roller.

Step 3


Cut a small remainder of the wood you have left after cutting out your board into 2 small and wide rectangles and screw them onto the very ends of your board. This prevents the roller from just shooting out from the bottom of your board.

Thats it, enjoy your new creation!