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One of the silliest simple (and least expensive) ‘upgrades’ you can make to your stand up paddle board (or any longboard) is replacing the screw that is included with your new fin for your sup. The screw included with your board typically requires a phillips head screwdriver. While this is completely functional it requires you to have a screwdriver handy which isn’t always possible.

A simple solution to this problem is purchasing a fin screw that requires no tools to use. This simple and cheap alternative is so popular I typically carry 2-3 of these with me at all times to hand out to any new friends I am paddling with. Below I have write-ups of the two brands I would suggest, these all typically come in two or three packs as youll see below. This will be one of the cheapest sup accessories you will ever purchase since these are all less than $10.

This first screw is the first product of two variants. This setup requires that you slide the metal plate into your fin box, line it up with the fin hole and screw the thumb screw down to lock the fin into place. This product is available in both a 2 pack and a 3 pack. I have included links to both with the below buttons.
The second variant of this thumb screw sup fin (and my favorite) is this round type. The way this one works is slightly different than the first one discussed above. You first take the screw and tighten it to the plate, this makes it much easier to position in the fin box. When placing your sup fin in the fin box you simply line up the fin hole over the screw and tighten the round thumbscrew over this to keep your fin in place. This is a hard thing to explain via text and will make much more sense when you do this in person.. haha

Final Thoughts

Either of the options above will be perfect for you whether you use an entry level sup fin or a pro sup race fin and ensure you don’t have to carry around a tool with your paddle gear. This simple solution that ends up costing less than $10 to have a few around is in my opinion a pretty worthy investment. As I mentioned above I always have a couple of these with me in case I lose a piece AND they are just nice to have to provide to others in your paddle group. I hope this simple review was helpful.